You’ll want to remember your wedding day forever, and a great way to do this is by hiring a fantastic wedding photographer from

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We creates natural, timeless wedding photos and video of your special day.

Being a wedding photographer isn’t just a job for me, I really love it and care for all my wedding couples, which counts more that 190 at the end of 2022. I’m a down to earth, flexible and friendly person, who makes you feel comfortable and very pretty, which shines through the pictures. When it comes to pictures, I’m all about capturing true and spontaneous moments, which as wedding photographer in my heart, I believe are the most wonderful.

Bryllups fotograf Fyn | Bryllups foto Fyn | Bryllups video Fyn

I can not read minds

Even though that I as wedding photographer have captured more that 150 lovely weddings, which give me extensive experience in shooting weddings, I still can’t read your mind, so I’d love to talk in details about what you wish for. Walk me through your thoughts and ideas, show me examples, tell me what you care for. Communication is the key here and it’s important for me, that I’m aware of what you want, in order to know what you emphasize and what not. As a photographer I have always thought, that I’m there to witness the event, which means I’m the person behind the scene, not an actor on stage, this is your day, not mine! So I’m going to be alongside you for the entire time, but you barely notice me, most of the day I will capture real moments in a beautiful authentic way as they unfold. My ultimate goal is – after all – to tell the story of your wedding day without interfering, to create genuine and faithful memories for you. Asking you guys to do awkward cheesy poses isn’t really my thing, whoever I guide you so you can feel comfortable during the portraits. But you and your guests will quickly forget about me because, to tell you the truth, I have never liked those pushy photographers who are always in your way, not only do they take the attention away, but they can also be quite annoying, if you ask me. I blend in and work discrete in every way. Forget all about long photoshoots and stiff poses when hiring me and my team, we’re not doing a fashion photography here. I know you’re lightly not used to posing in front of a camera and perhaps this is the first time you have been photographed by a professional. The point is that I’m here to help you, and I promise you it will be painless and fun.

Bryllups fotograf Fyn | Bryllups foto Fyn | Bryllups video Fyn

Finding your soulmate is hard enough

......Finding a wedding photographer who respects and understand LGBTQ+ relationships is even harder. As a person who love humans for the human, who have many LGBTQ+ friends I’m fully aware of what’s it’s like to be judged for who you are, and who you love. I understand that it might be tricky to book hotel rooms for two men or two women, or that it can be overwhelming to hug and kiss in public. There are still elements of the wedding industry that make you feel like you don’t belong, I want you to know, that I do understand these issues. Regardless of your personal journey, I believe that you deserve to feel comfortable, appreciated and respected. I believe that you deserve to feel part of an inclusive and safe environment, where you don’t have to be afraid of holding hands and show your partner your love. You need to be seen for what you truly are, people in love with each other. Luckily here in Scandinavia we believe that all love should be celebrated, regardless og gender.

Weddingalbums and print, is it nessescary?

This is a question I get quite often in this modern digital era, is it really worth to print your wedding photographs and create album? YES, IT IS! Memories tend to fade over the time, and in a few years we will have nothing of our digital legacy. Your wedding photographs place isn’t only on social media or in the cloud, but in the warmth of your own home: a wedding album is the book, and prints on the wall you will show your relatives and friends, the book you will look at during anniversaries, that your children and grandchildren will admire, in awe. It’s the final elements you need to tell the beautiful story of your wedding day

But how many photos will you get and when?

It’s very hard to give you a number, because the truth is that you never really know: it depends on many things, such as hours coverage, numbers of photographers booked, guests, locations, things happening and so on. However, you will have all the good wedding photos that I take during the time I spend with you. I don’t believe in a “fixed” number of photos, because that will disturb my focus in being there to capture all the memories, and I’m there for that reason, and not to count clicks with my camera. I’m aware of how important your wedding photos are, and how excited and impatient you are to see your wedding photos and the idea to wait forever must be excruciating. For this reason, your wedding pictures are usually ready within 1-2 weeks, during peak season this may be slightly longer). However, if I can see that it might take more that 2 weeks, I’ll make sure to email you a small selection of your wedding pictures before that day, a sneak peek for you to relive your day through, until all the wedding photos are ready. And every photo that you receive has been edited, one at a time, patiently. Therefore, I won’t send you unedited photos, and all delivered photos are in high quality jpg image files, and you will not receive my raw files, as this would be like asking a chef to give you the raw ingredients of the dish.

Rest assured that……
  • The price you get from me covers everything from start to the final delivery, so NO surprises at that end
  • You will receive your images in both color and black and white.
  • You will receive your images in both print resolutions and web resolutions.
  • I will save a copy of your wedding photos for the rest of my life, just in case you loose them.

Wedding cinematography?

Not only wedding photos, I have a team of talented videographers, so both I and my team would love to deliver emotional and beautiful wedding video from your special day, we both capture the ceremony, reception, speeches, portraits and so forth. Please take a look at our YouTube Wedding Channel to view few of our many love stories

What about prices?

Now let’s put our emotions aside and let’s talk about money, even though I love being a wedding photographer, I need to get paid to be able to buy gear, courses and finance my life. I know that pricing is an important element in your final decision. I operate with several different package, depending on where in the world you are getting married (I cover the entire world), how long you’d like me to be there for, or whether or not you’d like to have your wedding photo printed or designed in a beautiful wedding album, as written I offer both for wedding photo, wedding video and both. However, I would like to tailor a package for you, if you don’t find what you are looking for, my prices starts at DKK 4.995,- inclusive tax. In other words I’d prefer if you could send me a message about your wishes and needs, and then I’ll come up with a solution for your wedding photography. Drop me an email: Or get in touch via phone/text: +45 30564057. Tina and Jan Igaard, wedding photographer / cinematographer.

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